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Psalm 91:1-2

I was beginning to make His words about others

Not recognizing that abiding

Under the cover

of His wings

Was entirely, but not alone,

For me.

I could pray and hope that

The mountains be removed, but

This was something, something, only for you

No sin of yours was too small

For His sacrifice to bear,

When it came to turning the Word on myself

My prayers began to fail.

With little hope, little trust,

Not believing

That my deliverance too was a must

(or truly possible)

And of course the lack thereof

Leads to everything falling short of love

No encouragement enough

Pity parties were now an

Every other day must

My life began to be

Tougher than it had to…

But Christ is good

And He is faithful

My safety

Providing shelter

The thoughts come and

I weather, through Him,

Against the storm.

I’m beginning to make His words about me

Recognizing it is I

Who will be dwelling

In the secret place of the Most High,

Truly real,

I shall abide

Under the shadow of my



He is my fortress and

In Him will I trust

I’m finally understanding

His unfailing love

Not just for others

But for me

I hope you know

His words stand true

For you, entirely,

But not alone, too.


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