Being a Servant of God

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

[Before reading the rest of this blog post, please read the following scriptures: Matthew 6:33 and Psalm 37:4 & 5.]

In the recent past, I had taken on the attitude of, "If You bless me, then I'll serve You" towards God. Who am I to give God an ultimatum? Why would I even? But, I have.

"It's not wrong to ask God for things, but too often we're so intent on what the Lord can do for us, that we forget about what we can do for Him. We must remember to ask God, "What can I do for You?" - Lynette Hagin

It's easy for me to lead a life that is led by my own heart and desires. It takes humility and strength to seek out the Lord's desire for my day, week, and life. It also takes strength to seek God in the seasons where He's not blessing me. God made me to serve Him, not myself (Colossians 1:16). That means I shouldn't go a day without finding out what it is exactly He needs from me. Just as all servants have tasks they are called to do, as a servant of Christ I am no different. Something that I've started doing again is on a daily basis asking God to guide me to what I need to be doing. Anytime I've made this shift, I've quickly noticed a positive difference withing my walk.

One thing I remind myself of is that I am a servant of God, it is not the other way around. Being servant minded means a few things.

1. I must remember that at all times I am called to love people. Yes, even when I am wronged. (That's not to say people can't be in the wrong, it's just to say that I have to make sure that I stay in the right heart space, regardless of what someone else is doing or has done.)

(This is also not to say that you can't feel the hurt that comes from being wronged, because God truly does care about how you feel. Just understand that you can't stay in those emotions and let them taint your heart. Take your hurt to God and give it over to him in prayer.)