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“Peaceful Reminders” #2 Textured Painting

“Peaceful Reminders” #2 Textured Painting


This painting was inspired by the plaster art trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It is also inspired by the times where I tend to feel completely overwhelmed and at a loss on how to get back to a place of peace. One thing that always helps me is keeping my peaceful stabilizers in place: sitting outside & looking at something beautiful in nature, praying, reading the Bible, talking with a loved one, and keeping my day to day schedule in place. Sometimes, when you’re not feeling peaceful, you just have to keep yourself surrounded by things that bring peace. This collection was born out of that reminder. May you remember to surround yourself in peace on your good days and especially your bad days.

Painting is 20 inches high x 20 inches wide. The tangible texture on this piece is made from using joint compound. Do not hang this painting in a bathroom or a room that has steam as it will ruin the texture.

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